About Us

A Family owned and operated, leading manufacturer and exporter of herbal health-care company, Emeveta offers supplements as liquid herbal extracts for premium and health cautious customer segment in pure vegan capsules that are fully soluble in body with no side effects, with maximum absorption. Sourcing herbs from certified-organic farms, offers consumers products adhering to oversees standards, never using synthetic ingredients or chemicals in its products. Quality compliance is strictly followed from seed to shelf, in addition to the initial formulation of products that’s based on using the whole plants in their pure, unadulterated form.

Emevata products are the outcome of minutely observed and fully cautioned manufacturing process, restraining use of any herbicides or pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds.
Specifically to mention, Emeveta uses high value export quality pure vegan capsules shells for its products that too are not having just the powdered herbal content. But, instead are extracts of nutritionally valuable parts of herbal plants and being vegan products, are free of animal-derived ingredients. All our products are ensured to be having 500 mg nutritional content, not just 250 mg for appropriate dosage as required. 
Emeveta facilitates high health profiles for its valuable premium and cherished clientele by free consultation and advisory from a panel of its herbalist, dietician and certified nutritionist.

EMEVETA Product ranges from all kinds of herbal/natural daily use products and health products – 

Face Care   Hair Care   Health Care   Tulsi Products   Green Tea

Note: While the information specified here above is verifiable by third-party sources, but some information might not be as raw-material is sourced directly from the reliable and authentic supplier companies.

Company nameLA WELLNESS
Co-Founder:     Lavish Bansal