Bio Plus Hair Oil

Bio Plus Hair Oil

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Product Description

The Bio Plus Hair Oil is rich in vitamins which nurture the hair, getting rid of dandruff, split-ends and hair knots. The essential oils condition the roots of hair, making them thick, strong and silky. It promotes a healthy scalp and thus, in turn, a healthy mind by providing nourishment to both the scalp as well as the hair. Regular massage over the scalp provides total treatment to the hair, making them grow fast and healthy.



Hair Nourishment:
The active ingredients formulated in the oil work together to nourish the hair, making them thick, strong and gorgeous.

Fights Damage:
A regular, gentle massage on the scalp reduces split-ends, detangles tresses, removes dandruff and deeply conditions the hair to make their roots strong.

Reduces Hair fall:
t helps to reduce hair fall and makes the hair silky.

Nourishes the Mind:
As it is said, a healthy braid is a key to a healthy mind, it helps in nourishing the mind by keeping your head free of any problems.

Bio Plus Hair Oil
Bio Plus Hair Oil


An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Each 100ml contains:

Amla (Emblicaofficinalis) Fr - 1.5g
Bhringraj (Ecliptaprostrata)Whole - 3g
Jatamansi (Nardostachysjatamansi) Rt. - 100mmg
Khus (Vetiveriazizanoides) Rt. - 2g
Tulsi Oil (Ocinumbascillium) Lf. - 0mg
MehndiPatta (Lawsoniainermis)Lf. - 1.5g
Kapoor (Cinnamomumcamphora) Whole - 500mg
Nagarmotha (Cyperusscariosus) Rt. - 1.5g
Brahmi (Bacopamonnieri) Whole - 1.5g
Gunja (Abrusprecatorius) Sd. - 200mg
Malkangni (Celastruspaniculatus) Sd. - 100mg
Almond Oil (Prunusdulcis) Sd. 25 mg    
Coconut Oil (Cocosnucifera) Fr. - 5%
Olive Oil (Oleaeuropaea) Sd. - 2.5g
Akhrot Oil (Juglansregia) Fr. - 250 gm
Sesame Oil (Sesamumindicum) Sd. - 100ml
Processed as per telpakvidhiqs to 100ml

No added colors


METHOD OF APPLICATION : Gently massage on the scalp two hours before bath or at bed time. It can also be used regularly after bath.

Store in a cool, dark & dry place

Bio Plus Hair Oil