Panchratna Oil-Pain Killer Oil

Panchratna Oil-Pain Killer Oil

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Product Description

The product has been made keeping in mind the increased number of muscle injuries and joint problems. Regularly using the Panchratna oil for massage eases the movement of joints and tones the muscles, making them strong and flexible. This increased flexibility effectively reduces the chances of muscle fatigue. It helps relieve joint pain and therefore, plays a vital role in improving the lives of people.


Reduces Pain:

Using the Panchratna oil on a regular basis for body massage will effectively reduce pain and strengthen the joints. It is recommended for all kinds of muscle and joint pain.

Improves flexibility:
The oil eases the movement of joints, thus, making the body flexible and in-turn leading to an improved lifestyle

Panchratna Oil-Pain Killer Oil
Panchratna Oil-Pain Killer Oil


An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Each 100 ml contains:
Nilgiri (Euclayptusglobulus) Lf. - 10%
Camphor (C.Camphora) Bk. - 5%
Gondhpura (Goltheriafragrantin) Oil - 20%
Pudina (menthol piparata) Lf. - 10%
Terpentina( PinusLongifolia) Oil - 5%
Cotton Seed (GossypiumHerbaceum) Sd. - q.s.


METHOD OF APPLICATION : Gently massage on the effected part twice or thrice a day.

Good for regular and weekly body massage
Contraindication: Not to be used on open wounds or burns


Store in a cool, dark & dry place


Panchratna Oil-Pain Killer Oil